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Iftar Dinner Party

Updated Jul. 6, 2016
On June 30, Iftar Dinner Party was co-hosted by Graduate School of Global Studies, Doshisha University International Center and Doshisha CO-OP.

”Iftar” literally means to break fasting, especially in the month of Ramadan. It is also the name ascribed to the neal that breaks the fasting period. Culturally, the Iftar meal is one of the most pleasant times for Muslims, who wait in patience without eating, drinking and violating other fasting restrictions such as using abusive language, from sunrise to sunset of each day.
The completion of fasting is amomentous occasion and it is common custom in the Muslim world to invite each other for an Iftar meal to celebrate each other's achievement. The invitations are not restricted to Muslims only; non-Muslims are also invited to join.

About 250 participants enjoyed the ethnic foods which international students cooked and "Obanzai" offered by Doshisha CO-OP. (Obanzai is the traditional home style cooking of Kyoto.) Participants also enjoyed the cultural activities offered by student volunteers.

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