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Call for Entries

Call for Entries

 Journal of Global Studies is a journal devoted to the study of any aspect of global studies, published annually by the Association of Global Studies (AGS), Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan.
 Manuscripts originally written for this journal and not submitted elsewhere in any form of publication are welcomed from any researcher and the graduate student affiliated to (AGS). The Editorial Committee may also rquest scholars outside (AGS) to contribute.
 All manuscripts will be subject to anonymous peer reviewer, and the Editorial Committee will make its final decision whether the submitted manuscript will be accepted or not.
 Manuscripts should be sent to the Editorial Committee, Journal of Global Studies, Graduate School of Global Studies, Doshisha University, Kyoto 602-0898 JAPAN
E-mail :
Tel : +81-75-251-3930 Fax : +81-75-251-3091

Submission of Manuscripts

  1. Deadlines:
    (1) Application form, title and abstract: May 31
    (2) Full text: September 30
     Publication is scheduled for March in the following year.
  2. Length:
    (a) Articles
     Not more than 8,500 words including notes, referenes, tables and figures.
    (b) Research Notes
     Not more than 5,000 words including notes, references, tables and figures.
    (c) Others
     To be specified by the Editorial Committee.
     In all categories, an abstract of 500 words or fewer should be attached.
  3. Submission should include two hard copies of each manuscript, as well as electronic data.
    They will not be returned regardless of the Editorial Committee's decision.
  4. The language of writing should be English, Japanese, or other languages accepted by the Editorial Committee.
  5. As for referencing, etc., contributors are requested to comply with the authour guidelines provided by the Editorial Committee.
  6. The Editorial Committee reserves the right to change the category of the submitted manuscript, and to request changes in the Committee's judgment.
  7. Submission is contingent upon the author's agreement to make it accessible on Doshisha University Academic Repository. (