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Global Society Studies Cluster

NameNathaniel Agola IMAI
Associate Professor (Master's Program)
E-mail :
Nathaniel Agola IMAI

Research Areas

International Economics,
Development Finance

Message to students

My emphasis is that two things are critically important for successful completion of studies at the Graduate School of Global Studies whose mission is to bring clarity of understanding and even solutions to some of the most challenging global socio-economic development issues. These two things are passion and having an open and innovative mind-set. Passion means that you must be intensely interested in the subject, which you want to study. Your motivation to study the subject needs to be intrinsic (self motivation). You must be your own driver towards attainment of your research goals. This is because self-driven interest in specific issues is far superior and is sustainable as compared to outside motivators such as a mere good grade attainment. On the other hand, it is through an open and innovative mind-set that graduate students can be able to inject fresh views into understanding of socio-economic issues, and even better be innovators. I therefore welcome students who feel they possess these two qualities.

My teaching and research interests are in two major areas: (1) Technology & Economic Development (Technology Transfer, Innovation and Comparative Economic Development Experiences), and (2) Private Sector Development (Innovation for Economic Development such as creation of Inclusive Markets to serve low income groups, Innovative Financing as in the case of Public Private Partnerships, and Development of SME Clusters). Any student interested in any of these areas is most welcome.