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American Studies Cluster

NameResearch Areas
Keiko IKEDAAnthropological Study of American Society and Culture
Gavin James CAMPBELLAmerican history, American Religion
Kozue AKIBAYASHIGender and Peace
Yayo OKANOWestern Political Philosophy, Feminist Theory
Yuka KANNOQueer Studies, Film and Visual Culture Studies
Fanon Che WILKINSAfrican American History, African Diaspora
Daniel Eric MCKAYAmerican Literature, New Zealand Literature, Postcolonialism,
War Literature

Contemporary Asian Studies Cluster

NameResearch Areas
Chihiro KATOSocial Studies of Contemporary China, Chinese Media Studies, History of Japan-China Relation
Shanping YANChinese Economy and Society, Development Economics
Osamu OTAContemporary Korean History, History of Japanese-Korean Relations
Eiji OYAMADAGovernance and Development in Developing and Emerging Countries
Ichirou TOMIYAMAJapanese History, Okinawan Studies, Cultural Studies
Ou QIANOutline of the Modern Thought between Japan and China
Minori MATSUTANISociology, Migration Studies

Global Society Studies Cluster

NameResearch Areas
Masanori NAITOMiddle Eastern Studies, International Migration Studies
Hisae NAKANISHIMiddle East Area Studies, Peacebuilding
Yoichi MINEHuman Security and African Area Studies
Reiko MATSUHISAGendar and Education, Latin American Area Studies, The Feminist Movement in Latin America
Anne GONONMoral Economies in Contemporary Society, Social Violence
Nathaniel Agola IMAIInternational Economics, Development Finance
Keisuke KIKUCHIGlobalozation Theory, Racism Study, French Studies


NameResearch Areas
Casper WITSPolitical History of East Asia
Nam Hoai TRINHInternational Economics, Economic Development

Visiting Professors

Wilfredo B. CARADADirector, Institute of Development Management and Governance, College of Public Affairs, University of the Philippines Los Baños
Wenshu GAOProfessor of Institute of Population and Labor Economics of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences(CASS)
Virginie GUIRAUDONResearch Professor of the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) at the Center for European Studies (CEE), Institut d’études politiques Paris.
Kazuhide KURODADevelopment Consultant, through experience of Office of the United Nations Disaster Relief Co-ordinator (UNDRO) and World Bank

Assistant Professor