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American Studies Cluster

NameKeiko IKEDA
Professor (Doctoral Program)
E-mail : kikeda@mail.doshisha.ac.jp

Research Areas

Anthropological Study of American Society and Culture

Message to students

I am one of the very few anthropologists studying the United States. I was originally a sociology major but was drawn to anthropology because anthropology forces us to realize that what we take for granted in the society where we grew up is just one of the many possibilities of being human, and this realization leads us to fresh visions and social change. The United States is often seen as standing above “cultures,” and tends to escape anthropological scrutiny. And yet, in this time of changing world order, it is critically important to examine the complexities of the human condition in American lives, and to situate them in relationship to the lives of those in other parts of the world. Anthropological approaches enable us to discover an America--or rather “Americas”--that we never knew before. Come and work with me to expand your horizons and seek a vision for the future.