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American Studies Cluster

NameYuka KANNO
Associate Professor (Doctoral Program)
Researcher Database
LaboratoryShikokan Building 273 (SK273)
※Professor (Doctoral Program) also teaches the Master's Program.

Research Areas

Queer Studies,
Film and Visual Culture Studies

Message to students

The emergence of queer Theory and criticism can be described as critical reconfiguration of feminism and lesbian/gay studies. As an interdisciplinary field, queer studies has developed, traversing diverse disciplines such as philosophy, critical theory, literary studies, film and media studies, and sociology. Inspired by queer theory and criticism, I have been working on the intersection of sexuality, gender, and race within the framework of visual culture studies, which tries to find common ground in art history and film/media studies, while attempting to bridge the gap between theory and practice. In that sense, visual culture studies challenges the disciplinary divide by analyzing creatively and dynamically different types of visual texts as well as representational practices. Film, video art, and photography are cultural texts whose contents and meanings are realized and decided only when viewed and read by the spectator. Queer studies and visual culture studies push us to think critically against the grain, while radically questioning what it means to “show,” “look,” and “be looked at,” as well as “read” and “imagine.”