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Contemporary Asian Studies Cluster

松谷 実のり
Assistant Professor
E-mail: mmatsuta@mail.doshisha.ac.jp

Research Areas

Migration Studies

Message to students

As a sociologist, I have been attracted to fieldwork for more than ten years. My guiding principle: visit the original site in question rather than relying upon TV news or online videos. Nowadays, telecommunications enable us to contact interviewees over long distances, but I still like to catch the silhouette of their life stories with the scenery, sound, smell, taste and history of the place(s) in which they live. My recent research project focuses on the youngest generation’s mobility through globalizing labor markets in East Asia. I am keen to work with students who are interested in sociology in general, especially migration studies, youth studies or labor studies.

A university environment provides good opportunities and comfortable surroundings for reading and discussion. As students, you can develop a broad range of knowledge and new critical perspectives through encounters with books/documents, as well as people with diverse social background. These influences can help you identify your own research topics. Though not always as efficient as we might like, this process is exciting enough to challenge us intellectually. I look forward to embarking upon this process with you.