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American Studies Cluster

NameSeiko MIMAKI
Associate Professor (Master's Program)
Researcher Database
LaboratoryShikokan Building 283 (SK283)

Research Areas

American Politics and Diplomacy,
International Relations (IR)

Message to students

American society has witnessed the rise of a new generation, called Generation Z (Gen Z), people born in the mid-1990s. This generation grew up with the incoherence of spending billions of dollars to pursue victory in the “war on terror” overseas while doing nothing to redress social disparities and racial discrimination at home. They are no longer believe in an “exceptional America” or a “strong America.” They have watched the United States gradually lose influence on the world stage and fail to live up to its own ideals on civil liberties, equality, and accountability to the public.

Though they have a gloomy view of their current life and near future, these young people are actively engaged in social movements, hoping for a better future. Gen Z is strongly associated with activism, and works on removing all kinds of violence including racism, gun violence, police brutality, structural inequality, and irreversible damage to the earth’s environment caused by human activities. Externally, Gen Z can put partisan politics aside to come together in support of the United Nations. Most of them are willing to support international organizations like the UN in order to tackle global challenges.

Through understanding the struggles of American youth and how they have been changing American society and politics, we can enrich our visions for the future of our own society.

I am sincerely looking forward to sharing enjoyment of learning with you.