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Global Society Studies Cluster

Professor (Doctoral Program)
E-mail : ynishika@mail.doshisha.ac.jp

Research Areas

Peace and Development Studies

Message to students

Social science research focuses on human beings. It concerns human relations and relations between human beings and society, the state, or global or international society. In other words, it is centred by human beings. Our knowledge and technological development can potentially be a double-edged sword if they are used without considering our everyday life and well-being. So as globalization, there are both positive and negative aspects of our pursuance of technological development in the current globalized world, where radical changes are ongoing. For that reason, it is vital now to acquire skills and knowledge to analyze varied problems and phenomena from a human perspective or a perspective centred by human well-being. Those who involve in social science research have a critical task for the betterment of our well-being.

There are abundant works in peace and conflict studies by now. Nonetheless, it is the area that requires more empirical research for us to review and reconsider the existing theories and knowledge to find further ways to handle conflict and create a sustainable environment for peace. I hope to work with those who are interested in the area from various regional and country perspectives.