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American Studies Cluster

NameYayo OKANO
Professor (Doctoral Program)
E-mail : yokano@mail.doshisha.ac.jp

Research Areas

Western Political Philosophy,
Feminist Theory

Message to students

When I was a graduate student, I encountered so many words, books, and experiences of philosophers and theorists through not only academic activities but chats with my friends. Some of them still remain in my mind and soul. Words by Hanna Arendt, a German Jewish female philosopher, are still inspiring me:

“With the creation of man, the principle of beginning came into the world itself, which, of course, is only another way of saying that the principle of freedom was created when man was created but not before.” [H. Arendt, The Human Condition, p.177]
Studies at the graduate school will open your mind and world to the extent in which you could never anticipate beforehand. Such unpredictable experiences are unlimited possibilities which academic studies give us all. Unlike real society, the world of ideas and thoughts make us equal and free. Free mind enables everyone to go beyond the boundary of time and space. I hope you all students feel and realize such freedom at the graduate school of global studies.
Although my major is western political philosophy, I am more involved with what is going on in Japanese society than what famous philosophers said, such as the issue of sex slavery system of Japanese imperial troops under WWII, gender inequality in Japan, and so on. Your major or specialty is nothing but a step to wider world.