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Contemporary Asian Studies Cluster

Professor (Doctoral Program)
E-mail : eoyamada@mail.doshisha.ac.jp

Research Areas

Development and Governance in Developing and Emerging Countries

Message to students

My studies focus on analyzing development issues from the perspective of developing countries mainly ASEAN countries and countries in transition, and then going in depth to further analyze the role of the government from various angles such as graft and corruption, transparency and accountability of the government, etc. In pursuing these studies with me, students will be taught and guided by sharing my experience and expertise acquired from the United Nations, World Bank (Indonesia, East Timor, Palestine, Japan)、NGOs and the governments of developing countries, as well as teaching governance and development issues for the past 10 years at universities in the Philippines (University of the Philippines), Indonesia (Gadjha Mada University, University of Paramadina) and Hong Kong (Hong Kong University). Through living and working with people in developing countries, I have encountered the actual circumstances in governmental structures, regulations, development of the countries depending on strategies, and the attitude of the citizens being influenced in making choices. Students are encouraged to visit developing countries and to interact with the local people and various organizations to study and analyze development issues in depth.