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Contemporary Asian Studies Cluster

Professor (Doctoral Program)
E-mail : oqian@mail.doshisha.ac.jp

Research Areas

Outline of the Modern Thought between Japan and China

Message to students

It is often said that, "Whatever it is that you do, you should begin by setting a goal." This is very true. Whether it is target shooting or any other sports event, your goal is crystal clear and you simply aim to achieve it. However, there are no such clear goals for research work, nor are they as easily set. Being excessively aware of a goal can do harm; especially the methodology of gathering data for a goal embedded with a presumptive conclusion, singling out data which supports that goal, and building up an argument on such data, a process which can actually do more harm than good. It is natural that, if students are interested strongly enough in the contemporary society and culture that is alive and moving around them, they will surely encounter various issues. Whether they are diverse, deeply internal, global, or specific, we will learn ways to pursue them broadly and deeply, and also dynamically and historically. As we constantly engage ourselves in intellectual work to discover truth through a great deal of trial and error, is it not true that we may begin to see our true goals? I greatly look forward to working with students in this process of establishing their goals.