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Globalism is not about inter-regional relationships or aggregate of nations; it is the process in which things that used to be considered as matters within a region or a nation begin to transcend beyond borders. This process ultimately puts into question the frameworks that you considered to belong to others or to the past. From environmental issues to violent and oppressive systems, many of the actual crises arising in today’s world are no longer someone else’s issues even though they are happening in the periphery. Everything is connected, and what seemed to have ended in the past will also resurface. The situation may seem uncertain, but uncertainty is not so different from infinite possibilities, and it is you all who will take a central role in realizing the possibilities. Even if you are in an uncertain situation, the moment you decide to change something, the uncertain and unstable world will appear in a different shape. That is how the future is created, and I am committed to contributing the knowledge and wisdom of the Graduate School of Global Studies to this process of creating the future.

Ichiro Tomiyama