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Research Centers

Doshisha University has a number of research centers that promote creative research activities through integration of humanities and science or a cross-disciplinary approach, with the hope of contributing to the advancement of academic research and creation of new research areas. Faculty members of the Graduate School of Global Studies are playing a leading role in the management of the following research centers.

International Institute of American Studies

Since its establishment, the International Institute of American Studies at Doshisha University has been home to researchers both inside and outside the university who conduct interdisciplinary research on a wide range of fields related to America. The fields covered are not limited to history, culture, literature, politics, economy, society, religion and music in America, but also include the United States’ relationship with other countries as well as the current state of American Studies in non-American countries. The Institute conducts joint project research called “Bumon Kenkyu,” participated by researchers of both inside and outside Doshisha University. Results of these research projects are presented at symposiums and seminars in Japan and overseas, and in various academic journals.
International Institute of American Studies

Doshisha Center for Korean Studies (DOCKS)

In 2005, Doshisha University launched the “Doshisha Korean Peninsula Studies Network” (DOKOS-net) to develop a network between researchers. In January 2011, it was dissolved and evolved as the Doshisha Center for Korean Studies (DOCKS). The Center aims to create horizontal communication between faculty, students, postdoctoral researchers and visiting professors and scholars and further expand its activities in education, research and international exchange. It also strives to develop itself as one of the core institutions of Korean Peninsula Studies in Kyoto, or Japan, or even in the broader area of East Asia.
Doshisha Center for Korean Studies

The Amami-Okinawa-Ryukyu Research Center

“Amami, Okinawa, Ryukyu.” First of all, please pay attention to what these three words mean. They are not placed in the same category, neither in terms of geography nor history. When lined up, they do not seem to have harmony, nor are they connected smoothly. And that is fine, because it is a gap, not unity, that is the starting point of thought. Also, “research” is not the academic activity in a university’s closed environment. It is the act of thinking, and we welcome all sorts of thought, for “Center” exists not in order to own something, but to create a linkage.
The Amami-Okinawa-Ryukyu Research Center

Center for Feminist, Gender and Sexuality Studies (FGSS)

The Center for Feminist, Gender and Sexuality Studies (FGSS) is one of the research centers established at Doshisha University on July 1, 2015. Located at Doshisha University, which upholds internationalism as one of its educational philosophies based on the spirit of “conscience” and “liberty,” the Center explores issues such as how to face diverse senses of values including various lifestyles and sexualities and to develop the spirit of tolerance. As the first research center in Japan with the word “feminist” in its name, the Center also aims to pursue theoretical and practical research to redress the social injustice and structural violence that persist not only in Japanese society but in the whole world, and to counter war and force of arms.
Center for Feminist, Gender and Sexuality Studies