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Journal of Global Studies Vol.9/2018

The date of Issue : Mar. 2019
Table of Contents
  text[PDF 436KB]

Kosuke Kiyama
  Human Rights Based on Human Dignity: Defence and Elaboration
  through an Examination of Andrea Sangiovanni’s Critique
  text[PDF 721KB]

Chen Yan
  The Economic Development in Rural China: The Role of Social
  Capital and Regional Elites
  A Case Study of Tourist Attraction L in Southwest China
  text[PDF 1.2MB]

David Muroni
  Ethnic Inequality, Institutions and Governance Trajectory in Kenya
  text[PDF 777KB]

Research Note
Rangarirai Gavin Muchetu
  Food self-sufficiency and food sovereignty: Examining the fallacy
  of the ‘change in taste and preferences’ mantra in the evolution
  of the Japanese rice system.
  text[PDF 971KB]

Motoki Tomoyose
  The question of mixed-race children in colonial society:
  Racializing French Nationality Law
  text[PDF 828KB]

Doshisha University Association of Global Studies 2018
  December 1, 2018 (Saturday)
  held at Doshisha University Karasuma Campus
  text[PDF 6.4MB]

Journal of Global Studies Vol.8/2017

The date of Issue : Mar. 2018
Table of Contents
  text[PDF 451KB]
  The Analysis of Iran’s Art and Cultural Policies in the Post- Revolutionary
  Period:Special Reference to Animation
  text[PDF 542KB]

Chen YAN
  The Socio- and Economic Structure of Three Yi Villages in Yunnan, China
  A Case Study Based on a Survey of Agricultural Households in 2009
  text[PDF 1013KB]

  Between Life and Death? Islamic Biomedical Perspective on the Question of
  Brain Death
  text[PDF 552KB]

  Social Media and Craftivism in The Women’s March
  text[PDF 1.3MB]

  The Problems of Randomism:Esther Duflo and the Trend in Development
  text[PDF 844KB]

Daesung KWON
  Is Multicultural Korea a Feasible Vision for the Future Korean Society?
  Questioning the Korean Multicultural Model of Immigrant Incorporation
  text[PDF 603KB]

  Writing life in the age of“ life”; reading“Yama-no-anata-no-sora-toku”
  text[PDF 881KB]

Research Note
  The meaning and problem of resilience-based international assistance
   to a country under the influence of conflict – the Case of assistance to Syria
  text[PDF 843KB]

Literature Review
  Strangeness and Strangers: Translation and Bibliographical Introduction on the
  Hadith Commentary Essay from“ Majmūʿah al-Fatāwā” on“ Blessed Are the
  Strangers” by Ibn Taymīyah 
  text[PDF 1.1MB]

Journal of Global Studies Vol.7/2016

The date of Issue : Mar. 2017
Gibson Scott Lyle 
  Vocabularies of Motive For Addressing Discrimination: The Charming City of Iga Ueno
  text[PDF 585KB]

Kei Kohagura
  The Crisis of U.S. Occupation of Okinawa in the early 1960's 
  Available in Japanese incl. English text[PDF 924KB]

Guneshwor Ojha
  Microcredit Approach of Women Development Program: A Case of Nepal 
  text[PDF 576KB]

Research Note
Abdalrahman Mohamed Migdad
  Role of Palestinian Islamic Banks in Financing Economic Development
  text[PDF 520KB]

Vick Lukwago Ssali
  Ethnic Federalism in a Comparative Perspective: Implications for Uganda 
  text[PDF 517KB]

Zhenxing Zhu
  How did they become invisible?
  Chinese American Activism in the Cold War―Civil Rights Movement Era
  text[PDF 582KB]

Book Review
Kazuki Nishikawa
  Cold War Encounters in US-Occupied Okinawa
  Available in Only Japanese text[PDF 634KB]
The date of Issue : Apr. 2017
Research Note
Ahmet Yasir Eren
  The Place and Importance of the "View of Ummah" Movement in Turkish Democracy
  With The Sample of 'Welfare Party'
  text[PDF 702KB]

Journal of Global Studies Vol.6/2015

The date of Issue : Mar. 2016
  Available in Japanese text[PDF 653KB]
Masafumi NAGAISHI 
  Analysis of Obstacle Factors on Mindanao Peace Process in the Philippines 
  Available in Japanese incl. English text[PDF 1.5MB]

  The Study of Starting Point of Issuing Huzhao to Japanese People 
  Available in Japanese incl. English text[PDF 1.5MB]

Nam Hoai TRINH & Quynh Anh Mai NGUYEN
  Determinants of Inward Foreign Direct Investment in Vietnam 
  text[PDF 712KB]

Parviz Ahmad VALIZADAH
  Social Capital, Human Capital and Performance of Traditional Clusters of MSEs: A Case Study of Herat City, Afghanistan
  text[PDF 770KB]

Masashi YASUDA
  Korean Weavers in the Nishizin Weaving Industry―A focus on their labors and ethnic identities― 
  Available in Japanese incl. English text[PDF 1.1MB]

Research Note
  The Impact of The Syria's Crisis on The Rivalry between Iran and Saudi Arabia in The Region: Iran's Point of View
  text[PDF 647KB]

  Searching Yourself: The Broadway Musical "Wicked" and Female Fans 
  Available in Japanese incl. English text[PDF 1.2MB]

Weiling SU
  Reading Marriage Immigration Issue in Taiwan: From the Perspective of Citizenship 
  text[PDF 707KB]

Journal of Global Studies Vol.5/2014

The date of issue : Mar. 2015
Masanori NAITO 
  Available in Japanese text[PDF 150KB]
  What does Hijab-Fashion Conveys?: Changing Style of Hijab and Muslim Society 
  Available in Japanese incl. English text[PDF 592KB]

  Reconciling National Security, Ethnicity and Religion: Institutional Interpretation of Thailand's Southern Insurgency  
  text[PDF 333KB]

  The Nexus between Public Information Disclosure and Democratization: The Case of Indonesia 
  text[PDF 403KB]

  The Actual Condition of the Social Mobility in Tianjin Province, China: Evidence from Tianjin Social Survey in 1997 and 2008 
  Available in Japanese incl. English text[PDF 931KB]

Research Note
Keisuke KIKUCHI 
  The European Union in Crisis―Why the far right rises in Europe?― 
  Available in Japanese incl. English text[PDF 538KB]

Casper WITS
  Sino-Japanese Relations in the Year 1958: Steps Toward Reconciliation 
  text[PDF 325KB]

Book Review
Kazuki NISHIKAWA, et al.
  Thinking on Border―The Problematique of Border as Method or, the Multiplication of Labor 
  Available in Japanese incl. English text[PDF 452KB]

Conference Report
  Available in Japanese text[PDF 411KB]

Journal of Global Studies Vol.4/2013

The date of issue : Mar. 2014
Masanori NAITO 
  Available in Japanese text[PDF 157KB]

Elisa Montiel Welti & Hisae Nakanishi
  Human Security in Non-Conflict States: A Case of Afghan Unaccompanied Children in the UK 
  text[PDF 320KB] 

  Reconstruction of Peranakan Concept and History in Singapore―Who is "Peranakan"? 
  Available in Japanese incl. English text[PDF 420KB] 

  The AKP government and Alevi issues in Turkey 
  Available in Japanese incl. English text[PDF 458KB]

Miyuki Jimura
  Sacagawea Leads a Women's Corps of Discovery: Oregon Suffragists, a World's Fair, and the Making of a Sacagawea Myth 
  text[PDF 284KB]

Makiko Koyabu
  Community-Driven Development and Women's Empowerment in the Reconstruction of Afghanistan: A Case Study on Community Empowerment Programme for Women (CEPW) in Balkh Province, Afghanistan 
  text[PDF 365KB]

Research Note
Chen Junfeng
  Available in Japanese incl. English text[PDF 714KB]

Saeedeh Mousavi
  Entertaining Religious Ideas in Animation through the Study of Religious Elements in Japanese Anime 
  text[PDF 330KB]

  The Obstable to Passing Bills into Laws Designed for Highly Skilled Migrants: Over both bills on H-1B Visa and STEM Visa 
  Available in Japanese incl. English text[PDF 441KB]

An Occasional Supplement to Journal of Global Studies/2013 
Asian Perspectives on Humanitarian Interventions in the 21st Century

The date of issue : Aug. 2013
Masanori NAITO 
  Available in Japanese text[PDF 181KB]

Pierre Sané 
  text[PDF 169KB]

Saban Kardas
  Humanitarian Intervention as a 'Responsibility to Protect': An International Society Approach 
  text[PDF 355KB]
Chip Pitts
  The International Law and Policy regarding the Use of Force, Humanitarian Intervention, and the Responsibility to Protect 
  text[PDF 434KB]

Daisaku Higashi
  Battle at the UN Security Council on Peace Enforcement in Libya and Syria: Focusing on the Strategies of BRICS 
  text[PDF 253KB]

Ned Dobos
  Is Unilateral Intervention Always Unethical? 
  text[PDF 285KB]

Kapil Kak
  Harmonizing Sovereignty and Citizenry Protection: Is Humanitarian Intervention the Silver Bullet? 
  text[PDF 269KB]

Hideaki Shinoda
  Why Are Asians Less Interested in Humanitarian Intervention? 
  text[PDF 227KB]

Damcelle Torres-Cortes
  Glass half empty or half full? The AICHR and the ASEAN Perspective on Humanitarian Intervention 
  text[PDF 333KB]

Dabiru Sridhar Patnaik
  International Law and Responsibility to Protect: South Asian Perspective 
  text[PDF 299KB]

Bojun Li
  An Almost Impossible Task: Humanitarian Intervention in the 21st Century 
  text[PDF 314KB]

Iyas Salim
  The Right to Protect and the Use of Force and Syria: A contemporary Arabic and Islamic Perspective 
  text[PDF 256KB] 

Journal of Global Studies Vol.3/2012

The date of issue : Mar. 2013
Masanori NAITO 
  Available in Japanese text[PDF 507KB]
  Available in Japanese text[PDF 624KB]

Wilfredo B. Carada & Eiji Oyamada
  Decentralization and Inclusive Governance: Experiences from the Philippines and Indonesia 
  text[PDF 713KB]

Novri Susan
  Intra-Regional Border Conflicts and the Institutional Design of ASEAN's Conflict Management 
  text[PDF 708KB]

Shakir Ullah Shakir
  Institutional Autonomy and Academic Freedom in the Afghan Public Higher Education Institutes: From 2002 to 2012 
  text[PDF 737KB]

Research Note
Rahman Shahhuseynli
  Russia's Strategy toward the South Caucasus: A Mid-Term Assessment of the Post-2008 Russia-Georgia War 
  text[PDF 838KB]

Iyas Salim
  From Humanitarian to Development Assistance Agency: Case Study of a Transnational Muslim Civil Society Organization, IHH in Palestine 
  text[PDF 698KB]

Lecture Report
 Yayo OKANO 講演に当たって  
  Available in Japanese text[PDF 508KB]
 Toshio INOUE 郡山からの報告―放射線に被曝した街の風景  
  Available in Japanese text[PDF 846KB]
 Hiroshi MATSUHISA   原発事故と未来の縮小社会  
  Available in Japanese text[PDF 557KB]

Journal of Global Studies Vol.2/2011

The date of issue : Mar. 2012
Masanori NAITO 
  Available in Japanese text[PDF 534KB]
Anne Gonon & Emmanuel Gonon
  From the Assurance of Fundamental Rights to the Main Goal behind a Strategy of Good Governance: the Shift in Meaning of "Human Security" 
  text[PDF 670KB]

Osamu OTA
  Available in Japanese text[PDF 777KB]

Tei Ueiuei
   Available in Japanese text[PDF 3.7MB]

Research Note
Iyas Salim Abu-Hajiar
  Islamic Morality as a Core Value for the Concept of Charity Work: A Case Study from Qaradawi's Explanation 
  text[PDF 616KB]

Theodore Bonnah
  Speed Tribes and Making A New Japan 
  text[PDF 651KB]

Aliya Tskhay
  The Development of Nuclear Energy in Kazakhstan and its Integration to the Country's Energy Sector 
  text[PDF 666KB]

Lecture Report
マリオ・ヌニェス=マリエル 移住の多面性: メキシカン・ディアスポラ 
Reiko MATSUHISA  翻訳・解説 
  Available in Japanese text[PDF 1.2MB]

Book Review
  Tamin Ansary, "Destiny Disputed: A History of the World from Islamic Eyes", Public Affairs, 2009, 416pp
  Available only in Japanese  text[PDF 615KB]

Journal of Global Studies Vol.1/2010

The date of issue : Mar. 2011
Remarks of Issue
Masanori NAITO 
  Available in Japanese text[PDF 494KB]

Masanori NAITO
  アフガニスタン共和国 カルザイ大統領 講演
  Available in Japanese text[PDF 696KB]

Haruyuki SHIMADA
  An Ethnic Approach to Nation-State Building and Its Impediments in Afghanistan.
  Available in Japanese incl. English text[PDF 773KB]
Disquisition and Interpretation
    「ターリバーンの思想の基礎」 翻訳・解説― 
  Available in Japanese text[PDF 1000KB]

Yoichi MINE
  Human Security: Bounds of Possibility 
  text[PDF 597KB]

Monica Racovita
  India's Biosafety Policy on Genetically Modified Crops: A Perspective from Food Security 
  text[PDF 627KB]

Book Review
Masashi YASUDA 
  高野昭雄 著『近代都市の形成と在日朝鮮人』人文書院(2009年) 
  Available in Japanese text[PDF 560KB]