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Global Society Studies Cluster

NameUjong JONG
Associate professor (Master's Program)
E-mail : ujong@mail.doshisha.ac.jp

Research Areas

Political and Social History of Modern Japan and Korea
Humanities & social sciences/International law
Humanities & social sciences/History - General


I studied law at university and worked on history research (primarily in the area of modern history) at graduate school. After working as a fixed-term lecturer at the Faculty of Letters, Otani University, I joined the Graduate School of Global Studies in April 2020 as an associate professor for a fixed-term.
I am currently working on a research project that seeks to clarify “the history of the power that divides Korea” rather than “the history of divided Korea.” In the research, I focus on the action of power and a discourse of “Korea is divided.” As one of the methods of “visualizing” the action of that power, I am contemplating using research by the international law scholar Keishiro Iriye.