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Purpose of the Graduate School of Global Studies

Doshisha University's Graduate School of Global Studies (GSGS) is an independent graduate school launched in April 2010 in response to the recent emergence of global issues such as transnational migration and environment issues. In today's society where people and things are intricately interwined across borders, whatever issue that may arise should not be considered whithin the limited context of any specific area. And "global" does not only mean the geographical expansion. Global issues today involve multiple layers of contexts such as society, economy, culture and philosophy, which have previously been discussed separately. Issues ariging in today's world drastically shake the traditional frameworks of humanities and social sciences.

GSGS approaches these global issues with an emphasis on both the unique features of individual areas of expertise and cross-regional perspective. Rather than pursuing universality and generalization, GSGS focuses on investigating individual cases in search of connections. Therefore, students are expected to demonstrate their enthusiasm toward the object or place of their interest, and the courage to depart from the context in search of connections. GSGS does not concern itself with the academic discipline students pursued in their studies prior to admission, but students are required to clarify their research interests and what issues they wish to address in their graduate studies. Master's and doctoral students belong to one of the following three clusters.

American Studies Cluster

For more than a century the United States has played an outsized role on the global stage. Japan has had a particularly complex relationship with American culture, society and politics. The American Studies Cluster therefore encourages students to examine the United States from a global perspective. Faculty expertise is wide-ranging, from political philosophy, peace studies, gender and sexuality studies, to anthropology, religious studies, history, African Diaspora studies, and film studies. Through classes and faculty direction, students develop a deep understanding of American history, society, culture and thought, as well as the multiple transnational intersections and encounters that have shaped the United States.

Contemporary Asian Studies Cluster

The faculty of this cluster consists of researchers specializing in China, the Korean Peninsula, Japan and Southeast Asia, with a transnational perspective of viewing Asia from the respective areas, from Japan, or from the world. In addition to such comprehensive viewpoint, it is also important to carefully examine the culture, life and feelings of people living in the area concerned. Today's Asia faces numerous political, economic and social issues, many of which are difficult to solve. But it is also rewarding and a lot of fun to contemplate the issues and seel for solutions. The cluster welcomes students who are eager to think and discuss about the East Asian society and people.

Global Society Studies Cluster

This cluster addresses issues ranging from human security, conflict prevension, peace building, development and poverty to transnational migration, multicultural education, gender, citizenship, racism, class inequalities and environmental challenges. With diverse disciplinary backgrounds and areas of specialization (Africa, the Missle East, Europe and Latin America), faculty members investigate various contemporary global issues, flexibly applying both disciplinary approach and area studies. Another feature of this international cluster is that it accepts many students from Central and South Asia and African countries as part of the human resources development support project of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

Information about the Granduate School of Global Studies

Graduate School of Global Studies, Department of Global Studies

Year of launchApril 2010
DegreeMaster's Program (Maximum Enrollment per year: 45)
Master of Arts in American Studies
Master of Arts in Contemporary Asian Studies
Master of Arts in Global Society Studies
Doctoral Program (Maximum Enrollment per year: 18)
Doctor of Philosophy in American Studies
Doctor of Philosophy in Contemporary Asian Studies
Doctor of Philosophy in Global Society Studies
CampusImadegawa Campus