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The Association of Global Studies


Round Table : Collapse of the World Order ― Civil War, Refugee Crisis and Disintegration of the European Union

The Association of Global Studies, Doshisha University comprises of faculty members and students of the Graduate School of Global Studies. Its annual conference consists of three parts: individual presentations given mainly by Doctoral Program students, poster sessions given mainly by Master’s Program students, and the workshop-style roundtable for free discussion. Students are encouraged to present their research progress at the conference in preparation for writing their Doctoral dissertation or Master’s thesis. The Association of Global Studies also annually publishes the graduate school’s bulletin Journal of Global Studies, and the journal RONDO.

Publication of Bulletin

Journal of Global Studies
The graduate school’s official bulletin Journal of Global Studies is a peer-reviewed electronic journal. All students and faculty members of the Graduate School of Global Studies are eligible to contribute to the journal. The journal consists of such categories as “Articles,” “Research Notes” and “Book Reviews,” and is generally published annually according to the following schedule.

End of May :  
Deadline for application for contribution
End of August :  
Deadline for submission of manuscripts
Mid-March : 

Journal of Global Studies
RONDO means “circle” in Esperanto. RONDO was launched in 2017 as the second bulletin of GSGS in accordance with Journal of Global Studies’s shift to electronic version. While Journal of Global Studies maintains its policy as a peer-reviewed journal, RONDO is positioned between academism and journalism, covering a variety of written pieces in addition to main features such as essays, lecture records, columns, book reviews, film reviews, field reports, and reports by faculty on sabbatical leave and international students. Introducing everyday experiences that inspire research ideas and various efforts that cannot be expressed in the form of academic paper, the journal is expected to serve as a medium that connects the faculty and students of the Graduate School of Global Studies, and the broader society surrounding the university.